About Rinjani Trekking Center

Mr. Putu Rinjani Trekking Center Putu Negara | Director
Rinjani Trekking Center is a licensed and experienced Trekking Operator to Mount Rinjani on Lombok Island - Indonesia. We started our service since 1997 and established our brand since June 2013. Senaru village in North Lombok (one of the starting point of the National Park) is our homebase and has representative offices at all the main gates of the National Park.
We are real organizers, not middleman or agent. We focus on Trekking Organizers to Rinjani Mountain and the related services to ensure your safety, fun and unforgettable time in Rinjani. We will take care of your transportation, guides, porters, food and drinks, equipment and all necessary documents for the trek.
Most of us at Rinjani Trekking Center are experts in the hospitality/tourism industry. Even our Director is a graduate of the Faculty of Tourism and Management with more than 15 years of experience in the tourism industry, ranging from Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Diving, Tours and Transportation Services.
Mountain Trekking is an challenging activity, it's can be danger for the trekker. That way we are always follow every single rule that already mandatoried by the government. Some of the rules is to keep the group in small size, preparing the mandatory equipment and keeping the waste management on the right track.
How do the local involved on the industry?
One of our motto is "Empowering local community". 99% of our crew including the staff are the local people. Being a trekking crew is very much changed their live. Before Mt. Rinjani become a tourist attraction in Lombok, most of the local work as migrant workes and leave their family for years to work at Malaysia which is doesnt much improve their economic.
Mount Rinjani brings so many impacts to the local economy. Those who do not speak English can be involved in this industry as a mountain porter. those with driving skills and a driver's license can become drivers, others can be involved in providing logistics, equipment rental and homestays.
How do we deal with Waste?
Education is the key. At the beginning, the crew maybe not really care about waste because they are not educated to handling sustainable touristm. Slow but sure, now most of the crew is really care about the waste management. As a company, we are never stop to educate this matter beside to give reward and funishment. Bring back the rubbish is mandatory at Rinjani Trekking Center.