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Plan for hiking to Mt. Rinjani? Don't forget to bring this

Rinjani Mountain is a National park at the Island of Lombok Indonesia, the highest point is 3726 meters above sea level. The mountain well know as a highlight and most beautiful mountain in Indonesia. Do you have plan to do the trek to this mountain? here is the things that you need to prepare:

1. Trekking Pass
Trekking Pass is the first thing that you need to have, if you are foreigner (Non domestic visitor) you have to book your trekking pass trough Trekking Organizer like Rinjani Trekking Center ( If you are Indonesia Nationality, you can book trough Trekking organizer or by your own trough e-rinjani android app at play store. The visitor quota is limited for only 150 Visitor/Day for each main gate (Sembalun or Senaru gate) so your have to book and secure your trekking pass as soon as possible.

2. Health Certificate
As a part of the mitigation, you are required to holding the heath certificate from any hospital that mention you are fit and able to do mountain hiking.

3. Standard Trekking Gears
The most of the standard trekking gears is prepared by Trekking Organizer, at Rinjani Trekking Center, the organizer will provide:

  • Double layered tent

  • Sleeping bag

  • Sponge Mattress

  • Pillow

  • Chair

  • Table

  • Toilet tent

  • cooking utensil

You have to provide your own personal gear (also some item is available for rent):
  • Head light (Available for rent)

  • Hiking Shoes (Available for rent)

  • Long trek pants

  • Windproof Jacket (Available for rent)

  • Rain coat (Available for rent)

  • 2/3 pcs T-Shirt

  • 2 pcs short

  • Glove (Available for rent)

  • Small towel

  • Camera

  • Hat/Cap

  • Sun Glasses

  • Toiletries

  • Sun block/lotion, Spray for muscle/balm

  • Insect repellent

  • Trekking Pole (Available for rent)

  • Sandals, Swimming Suite, binocular (Optional)

You need further information?, please feel free to contact our gear expert at or at Whatsapp +6285337511869


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