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Plan to trek to Mt. Rinjani between January until March 2023? Hold down, let the park resting for a while

The time has come. We are at the end of the trekking season 2022. Reopening after the Covid 19 Blast, So many visitor come and climb Rinjani on 2022. Even until the beginning of the Rainy season, still many visitor come.

You maybe already planned to trekking soon. But hold down, you may need to reschedule it if it is for January until March 2023. Rinjani National Park Management just announced the official closure of the park will be between January 1st until March 31st. The last date to enter the park is December 2022 and have to check out maximum by January 3rd, 2023.

This closure is really important due to safety reason, Heavy rain is the one. The other reason is recovery period. The mountain need to rest after welcoming thousands visitor this year.

Entering the park during the closure period is prohibited and can give serious problem to you. Some local or organization may offering the trekking. That is illegal activity.

Let be wise, avoid trouble, safety first and see your on April 2023.
Happy New Years


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