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FAQ: What shoes that I need to use for Rinjani Mountain?

Shoes are one of the essential equipment that you must have for mountain trekking, they will protect from anything that can hurt your feet, increase your walking speed, and avoid accidents by slippery trails. But shoes can also be painful if you choose the wrong one, so what kind of shoes are suitable for climbing Mount Rinjani? Here are some tips:

Good grip.
Many says Mountain Shoes are good shoes for climbing because they have good grip but currently there are many shoes on the market that have good grip even though they are not special mountain shoes. Good traction is needed to keep you from falling on slippery roads. The risk of sprains is very high if your shoes do not have a good grip.

Comfortable shoes
You will be walking more than 6 hours per day, this condition requires comfortable foot protection. Not everyone is comfortable wearing mountain shoes, so don't be forced to use mountain shoes because they are too heavy. If you are used to using heavy shoes such as mountain shoes, then it is more recommended to use mountain shoes. Besides that, currently on the market there are many lightweight and comfortable mountain shoes available.

Shoes with good quality
Very uncomfortable if in the middle of the trip your shoes are damaged. It will mess up your climbing plans, there is no place to buy new shoes on the Mountain

In conclusion: Mountain shoes are highly recommended but you can use any shoe as long as it has good grip, is comfortable for long walks and is not easily damaged. Many climbers currently on Rinjani use sports shoes.


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