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The best place to stay before hiking to Rinjani Mountain

Mount Rinjani is a multi-days climbing activity, the best time to start climbing is early morning between 7-10am. But the last check-in for climbing can be done until 17:00. Starting trekking in the morning is always the best choice, especially if you are climbing from Sembalun Village. Starting the climb is in an open area so there is less shade, so it will be hot if you start your hike late. Considering arriving at the campsite before sunset is also a reason. That means you have to be on the island of Lombok the day before climbing. The question is, where is the best place to stay? here are our recommendations:

1. Senaru Village
The Rinjani Trekking Center can pick up anywhere on the main island of Lombok, but Senaru Village is the most recommended place to stay before the hike. Senaru Village is 2.5 hours from the airport and about 1 hour from the Bangsal Fast Boat Harbor which is located north of Lombok. If you stay here, you don't need to get up too early, pick-up will be between 07:20-07:45. Most of the Rinjani Trekking Center crew live in Senaru village, so you can meet them the day before to ensure preparations and do a short briefing. Another main reason is the Beautiful Waterfall, Senaru village has 2 beautiful waterfalls (Sendang gile waterfall and Tiu Kelep waterfall). Visiting this waterfall should be on your bucket list.

2. Senggigi Area
Beautiful sunsets and beaches are the reasons Senggigi is on the list, but you need to be ready by 5am, pick up between 5am-5:30am. Lots of good restaruant and the area and you can easily take a taxi into the town of Mataram if you need anything for your hike.

3. Kuta Mandalika
Sunsets, beaches, surfing and close to the airport. many retaruant and hotel available here. Relaxing on the beach before trekking is a great option. However you need to be ready by 4am, Kuta Mandalika is the first pick up point.


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