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El Nino Is Expected To Hit Indonesia In August 2023, What's The Trek To Mount Rinjani Look Like?

According to the information from the West Nusa Tenggara Climatology Station, El Nino is a warming event above the normal of sea surface temperature in the central Pacific Ocean.

This warming has an impact on the high potential for cloud formation in the central Pacific Ocean, which will reduce the level of rainfall in Indonesia. As a result, drought will occur in general in Indonesia.

The Head of the Indonesian Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) explained that this year Indonesia will be dominant with the potential for El Nino. BMKG predicts that a weak el nino will occur between June and August but will not last long.

What is the situation when climbing Mount Rinjani during El Nino?
Climbing Mount Rinjani Keep running normally, but the track conditions will be a little drier. The green weeds will turn yellow and brown.

If you start climbing through the Sembalun Gate, make sure to equip yourself with sunscreen and a hat. The initial trip will be quite hot due to the lack of trees.

The potential for forest fires is very high, make sure you don't leave the fire or throw cigarette butts carelessly. Generally Mount Rinjani National Park will be closed if forest fires have become dangerous. The last closure due to a forest fire occurred at the end of 2019.

The crew generally cook using springs on Mount Rinjani, but this condition will make the springs dry up, especially on the Sembalun route. Because of that the crew had to bring a supply of water for cooking from the start of the climb. The only spring that is available all year round is located near Lake Segara Anak.

The temperature at night will feel colder than usual. This is due to the lack of clouds blocking solar radiation. In addition, the wind potential is also quite high. Prepare yourself with a jacket that can withstand temperatures below 4 CC.

Due to the dry soil conditions, the road will be dusty, prepare yourself with a mask. Shoes with good grip are also needed so they don't slip easily.

Make sure you are physically ready for the climb. Even though the weather conditions are normal, physical readiness will affect your comfort on an adventure on the Mountain.


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