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Yeeee.... Rinjani Mountain Hot Spring Water Available Again!!!

Mount Rinjani National Park has reopened since April 1st, 2023. The closure has been carried out since January 1, 2023 due to the rainy season and mountain recovery period. Very heavy rains have flushed Mount Rinjani National Park during the closing period. This causes the Segara Anak lake to overflow.

Since it opened in early April 2023, visitors cannot enjoy the hot springs near Lake Segara Anak. This hot spring is covered by the overflow of Lake Segara Anak. This makes many tourists a little disappointed because this hot spring is one of the main destinations for climbing Mount Rinjani.

In fact, there is another hot spring located in the Susu Cave complex, about 1 hours from Lake Segara Anak, heading towards Torean Village. However, these hot springs are difficult to include in the normal itinerary, which generally ends in the village of Senaru.

But there is a good news, now after almost 2 months of opening the climb to Mount Rinjani, the water discharge from Lake Segara Anak is getting more and more consistent. This makes the hot springs used by tourists reappear. Although limited, tourists can enjoy the sensation of relaxation here at this time. It is expected that this hot spring will be fully available in mid-June 2023.


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