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Hot Spring Water At Mount Rinjani Not Available This Season? Here Is The Facts!

Hot springs in Mount Rinjani National Park are one of the favorite destinations for climbers when visiting Mount Rinjani. Located about 300 meters from the Segara Anak Lake camping area. This hot spring is groundwater that comes out of the earth's crust which has experienced geothermal heating due to volcanic activity.

Apart from being the only location where it is possible to bathe in the Mount Rinjani area (Regular Route), this hot spring is also believed to be a medium for energy recovery after climbing to the top of Rinjani.
Unfortunately, the location of this hot spring is right on the overflow of Segara Anak Lake. This year the rainfall is very high on Mount Rinjani. Even until the end of April 2023 it is still raining. This causes the Segara Anak lake water to overflow into the river, blocking the hot springs.

Is this the first time this has happened? certainly not. This has occurred several times, especially during the four-year cycle which has very high rainfall on Mount Rinjani. It is estimated that this hot spring will remain unvisited until early June 2023.

Is there an alternative? of course there is. There are hot springs in the Gua Susu complex. This complex is a white sulfur deposit cave that has hot springs that flow all year round, equipped with several natural pools to enjoy the sensation of soaking in hot water. This location is quite far from the flow of the Segara Anak Lake river so that it is not affected by the overflow of lake. You have to walk about 1 hour from the Segara Anak Lake camping site. If you take the  program that ends at the Torean gate, then you will pass through this Cave.


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