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Rain In Summer, What Is Happened In Lombok This Week?

The months of July and August are known as the dry season and perfect time to go on a mountain adventure. July and August are also peak holiday seasons, many climbers from all over the world come to climb Mount Rinjani.

But what happened this week? According to the data center at the Rinjani Trekking Center, since July 4 2023 there has been unexpected rain. Even though it happened during the day until evening, this rain made the climbers confused. It is even recorded today (July 8th, 2023) there is still moderate to large rain in almost all areas of Lombok Island.

High waves in the Lombok Strait and Alas Strait also occur, potentially up to 6 meters. For this reason, the harbor master of all ports that crosses the Lombok Strait (Between Bali and Lombok Islands) has temporarily closed the operation. All fast boats and ferries are prohibited from sailing. For this reason, the only transportation to the island of Lombok at this time is by plane.

According to the official release, the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) has issued an early warning of moderate to heavy rain weather until at least July 10th, 2023. The whole community is urged to be vigilant. A High Surge Warning has also been released. It was also explained that this anomaly occurs due to the transition of el nino in the dry season

How about a hike to Mount Rinjani? Climbing operations are still open normally by the Mount Rinjani National Park Office. The climb is still considered safe to do, it's just that climbers are encouraged to bring raincoats to anticipate rain that occurs in the afternoon until the evening. Make sure your replacement clothes are wrapped properly so they don't get wet. Using mountain shoes is also recommended so that it doesn't easily occur on slippery roads.


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